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Celebrating Bastille Day Indoors with French Elegance and Tricolor Accents

Every July 14th, I’m transported to the heart of France, where the spirit of Bastille Day ignites a passion for elegance within me. In this post, I share my personal journey of infusing that French sophistication into our homes. From the tricolor’s bold hues to the subtle charm of Parisian decor, I guide you through creating a space that celebrates liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Join me in embracing the joie de vivre and transforming the ordinary into a chic, festive sanctuary that honors this historic day.

Unveiling Interior Design Concepts

Rustic French Countryside Kitchen

The magic of a rustic French Countryside Kitchen swept over me as I stepped in. A long wooden, farmhouse table draped with blue, white, and red checked tablecloths invoked a sense of timeless nostalgia. Antique French wine bottles glowed, shining a warm light onto the lavender-filled mason jars. The entire setup was a heartwarming tribute to Bastille Day, filling my heart with the charming essence of a quaint French village.

A charming indoor Bastille Day celebration with a long wooden farmhouse table adorned with blue, white, and red checkered tablecloths, vintage French wine bottles as candle holders, and lavender in mason jars for a provincial touch

Rustic French Countryside Kitchen
The room hums with Bastille Day charm and pride.

The intoxicating melody of Bastille Day vibrates in every corner of the room, evoking a profound sense of pride and joie de vivre intrinsic to the occasion.

Rustic French Countryside Kitchen
A lengthy farmhouse table, draped in checkered tricolor, dominates the scene.

The centerpiece of the gathering is a grand farmhouse table, which stands magnificently draped in a patchwork of the famous French tricolor, confidently commanding one’s attention.

Rustic French Countryside Kitchen
Aged French wine bottles, repurposed as candle holders, cast flickering shadows.

An ensemble of meticulously aged French wine bottles find a new lease of life as elegant candle holders. As the candles dance and flicker, they heighten the allure by casting enchanting shadows that sway rhythmically across the room.

Rustic French Countryside Kitchen
Mason jars brimming with lavender add a provincial touch.

Mason jars, generously filled with the delightful dabs of lavender, provide a refreshing air of rustic charm, effectively transporting one to the heart of the French countryside.

Parisian Chic Living Room

An air of refined elegance permeated the Parisian Chic Living Room. The pristine white sofa adorned with blue and red pillows, combined with the iconic Eiffel Tower decorations and homemade tricolor paper garlands draped across the mantle, was nothing less than a stunning, sophisticated homage to the dazzling City of Lights. I marveled at how the scene perfectly captures the glitz and glamour of Paris on a budget-friendly scale.

An elegant Bastille Day soiree featuring a white sofa with blue and red throw pillows, Eiffel Tower decorations, and homemade tricolor paper garlands draped across the mantle for a sophisticated yet budget-friendly ambiance

Parisian Chic Living Room
The room oozes Bastille Day elegance.

The room is a personification of exquisite French elegance, reminiscent nostalgically of Bastille Day.

Parisian Chic Living Room
A snowy sofa meets the eye, adorned with vibrant blue and red throw cushions.

A scene-stealing snowy-hued sofa, dressed in eye-popping red and blue throw cushions, nicely ties together the room’s decor and demands attention.

Parisian Chic Living Room
Eiffel Tower novelties bestow a touch of sophistication, all while maintaining a wallet-friendly charm.

Cherished trinkets of the Eiffel Tower, placed tastefully, lend an indisputable sophistication to the whole theme, impressively achieving grandeur without heftily lightening one’s wallet.

Parisian Chic Living Room
Homemade tricolor paper garlands gracefully drape the fireplace mantle, orchestrating an ambiance of understated luxury.

The room’s pièce de résistance – a fireplace mantle artfully graced by homemade garlands in the tricolors – sets a mood of a beautifully underplayed opulence.

Bohemian Montmartre Bedroom

Entering the Bohemian Montmartre Bedroom felt like stepping into an artist’s sanctuary. Draped in white sheer fabric, the DIY canopy bed was a cozily inviting space. Walls adorned with self-created abstract art in shades of red, white, and blue, echoing the colors of the French flag. The reclaimed wine crates serving as nightstands added a unique, boho Parisian vibe, conjuring up images of starlit nights in the heart of Montmartre.

A cozy and artistic Bastille Day setting with a low-budget DIY canopy bed draped in white sheer fabric, walls decorated with self-made red, white, and blue abstract art, and repurposed wine crates as nightstands for a boho Parisian vibe.

Bohemian Montmartre Bedroom
A DIY canopy bed cocooned in sheer white fabric beckons.

Stepping into the room, one is immediately drawn in by the ethereal allure of a self-crafted canopy bed, swathed in layers of sheer white fabric. The serene cocoon it creates is utterly inviting.

Bohemian Montmartre Bedroom
The walls showcase self-made abstract art in patriotic hues.

A look around reveals more layers to the room’s personality, marked by the walls alive with striking self-made abstract art. The bold colors and shapes fuel the space with dynamism, their patriotic hues offering a transfixing visual journey.

Bohemian Montmartre Bedroom
Red, white, and blue create a charming boho Parisian atmosphere.

One is swept into a transporting ambiance, where joyful bohemian touch meets a Parisian finesse, all wrapped in a cozy tricolor scheme of red, white, and blue. The charming atmosphere painted by these colors flawlessly narrates a story of its own.

Bohemian Montmartre Bedroom
Repurposed wine crates serve as quirky nightstands, completing the room.

To round off the room’s quirky charm, repurposed wine crates find their place perfectly as quirky nightstands. Displayed with a sense of creativity, they serve as the final touch that makes the room an epitome of eccentric elegance.

Wrapping Up

Reflecting on the vibrant hues of the tricolor, I’m reminded of the power of color to evoke emotion and commemorate history within our homes. Bastille Day’s spirit, steeped in the pursuit of liberty, equality, and fraternity, finds a delicate echo in the carefully chosen French accents that adorn the spaces of those I guide.

It’s more than mere decoration; it’s an intimate homage to a culture’s heart, a narrative woven into the fabric of daily life. Each project becomes a personal celebration, a canvas where elegance meets meaning, and where the essence of a far-off celebration is distilled into the corners of a room we love.

Nora Zelara

Nora Zelara

Interior designer with a storyteller’s heart. Passionate about sustainable and inventive design, I transform spaces to reflect their owners' stories.