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Embracing Global Elegance, One Space at a Time

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Our Philosophy: Global Inspirations, Timeless Impressions

At The Interior Era, we delve beyond mere design; we infuse spaces with essence and character. With a heart open to the world, our mission is to weave a tapestry of diverse traditions and styles, presenting a universal appeal that transcends boundaries in every project we embrace.

Nora Zelara in her studio

Why live in the ordinary when your home can narrate the rich tapestry of your unique global journey?

Customized Vision

Every design transcends mere aesthetics, embodying a bespoke narrative that resonates with your personal story and tastes.

Global Fusion

Our expertise lies in harmoniously merging timeless elegance with innovative trends, showcasing the versatility of international design philosophies.

Worldly Palette

Dive into a spectrum of global inspiration, from the vibrant hues of Moroccan bazaars to the serene simplicity of Japanese Zen gardens, making every space a testament to the world’s cultural abundance.

Curious to discover the potential of your space? Take a peek!


What my customers say

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Nora’s designs are a masterclass in cultural richness. She weaved elements from my diverse heritage into every corner of my home, creating a space that feels deeply personal yet universally beautiful.

Claire G.

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My experience with Nora has been transformative. Her ability to draw from diverse cultures has made my home a true masterpiece of global design

Lucas R.