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About me


Hello, I’m Nora Zelara, a former storyteller now passionately leading The Interior Era with a vision to craft spaces that speak the universal language of world-inspired interiors. My journey into design began amidst Italy’s rich tapestry of art and heritage, where I first learned to weave tales not just with words, but with the very essence of tradition and creativity.

However, it wasn’t until I found myself amidst Boston’s architectural juxtaposition of historic elegance and modern innovation that I realized my true calling. There, far from my Italian roots, the fusion of worlds in design sparked my transformation. I saw not just rooms, but stories waiting to be told through a global lens; furniture became characters from diverse cultures, and textures transformed into the dialects of a universal design language.

Now, as I traverse the path of interior design, my mission is to encapsulate the silent, yet profound narratives that every client wishes to express through their spaces. Witnessing that moment of recognition, when clients see their own stories unfold in the designs I curate, is the ultimate affirmation of my journey from storyteller to creator of world-inspired home interiors.

At The Interior Era, we invite you on an odyssey where your space transcends boundaries, embodying a story that’s both deeply personal and expansively global. Here, your home becomes a canvas for a tapestry of cultural richness, each element a testament to the diverse beauty of our world. Welcome, where your living space is not just a setting, but a story brought to life, one globally inspired design at a time.

Among the stories I hold dear, there’s one about a village where every house was the same shade of gray. In this village lived a painter who dreamed in vibrant colors. Despite the villagers’ resistance, she began to paint her home with the colors of the sunrise. At first, they scoffed, but as her home transformed, it cast a new light on their world. The once dull village blossomed into a mosaic of joy and creativity. This tale, from my storytelling days, mirrors my belief as a designer: transforming our spaces can profoundly change us, reminding us that with a little color and courage, we can bring our inner worlds to life.


Every space narrates a tale, and each tale deserves a canvas as diverse and rich as the world itself. From the tranquility of a serene retreat to the vibrancy of a dynamic, cultural mosaic, I’m dedicated to creating environments that aren’t just visually stunning but resonate with the essence of those who inhabit them.

My approach is deeply personal, infused with care, and inspired by a tapestry of global influences. I relish the opportunity to marry sustainability with elegance, tradition with innovation, striving always for that harmonious balance where a space simply ‘feels like home.’ Together, let’s weave spaces that reflect your unique narrative while embracing the beauty of global inspiration.